Di., 20. Nov. 2018, 19 Uhr: Hauptbücherei 1070 Wien, Urban Loritz Platz : Short Flim Premiere "The Triple Benefit Principle - Can we really live in a sustainable way?"

The film showing is followed by a high level panel discussion with

Petra Busswald, DI, founder of Akaryon, sustainability tools, creator of 1st online carbon footprint calculator in Austria

Friedrich Hinterberger, Dr. economist, founding director of SERI (Sustainable Europe Research Institute)
Helga Kromp-Kolb, em. Univ. Prof. Dr., meteorologist and climate scientist, former head of Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, BOKU
Klaus Renoldner, Dr. med., MSc., physician and researcher in sustainable development
Laura Skocek, Mag.a art., artist and filmmaker
Moderator: Dave Leonard, PhD, lecturer in political economy, MODUL University Vienna, Department of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods

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